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Vehicle Specifications

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Telescopic Access Platforms

Telescopic access delivers a real alternative to traditional at height access that’s typically static.

With a van mounted cherry picker available from ourselfs, we can deliver the benefit of mobility , easy access into tight areas suitable for roadside works.

Complete one job, then simply move your powered access platform on to the next quickly and easily.

Baskets are made of fibreglass and are shaped as buckets with a door to enter.

The baskets do not rotate and are enclosed from the waist down, so not practicable to work on roof tiles.

They are ideal mainly for low level work where outreach is NOT required.

Gable end walls, Lamp posts, Small Gardens etc…



Iveco Truck Mounted Platform Nifty V160

Articulated Flatbed Vehicle

With one of the largest working envelopes in its class, the Nifty V160 delivers to the operators , Compact size, Great outreach and caged basket ideal for roof works.

Octagonal boom sections provides suitable outreach at strength without compromising on weight and the telescopic upper boom improves accuracy when positioning the basket

The basket is open framed unit allowing work to be carried out from within it.

The rotation of the basket allows getting into corners for greater ease.

Interlocks ensure that the platform can only be operated when correctly set up.



Telescopic Aerial Platform

The Iveco Euro Cargo GSR “TJ” series is known for the exceptional strength and rigidity of the aerial platform and its simple and intuitive operation. The high product quality and excellent performance parameters of the aerial platform with unrestricted outreach at full basket capacity are secured by applying traditional and reliable technical solutions, as well as special steels and boom profiles.

The combination of the telescopic boom with a jib and the basket position at the end of the vehicle allow fast, versatile and flexible use. With the fly jib, the user has a further movement available to place the working basket in the best position.

Protected internal hosing together with self-cleaning brushes fitted to the telescopic sections prevent dirt and debris entering the boom. The hydraulic joysticks are housed for protection, robust and durable and allow the operator to perform all movements, even at full working height with smoothness and accuracy. Outrigger controls allow for individual leg operation ensuring effective ground contact and levelling on uneven surfaces.



Tracked Aerial Platform

Also known as spider lifts, they are specifically designed to work where other kinds of MEWP’s are unable to complete the task, they can enter confined spaces, pass under a doorway, archway or to drive over grass and rough terrain.

To allow boom lifts to access areas that traditional cherry pickers can’t, our tracked platforms feature dimensions compact enough to enter buildings through a standard single or double doorway.

Basket is detachable to allow access through restricted spaces,

Suitable to carry 2 people within the basket

Can be operated on diesel or mains 110v / 240v for indoor use




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