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Hinowa Goldlift 14.70 Spider lift

Our Hinowa Goldlift 14.70 is a 14m working height, tracked cherry picker, suitable for in areas with restricted access, rough ground or on sensitive floors.

The Hinowa Goldlift 14.70 gives unprecedented performance in areas with restricted access, over rough ground or on sensitive floors. Its tracks retract to a remarkable 780mm this allows access through a single gate when the cage is removed. It will take 1 person up to 14m or 2 people to 12m. Available for hire with our IPAF qualified operator.

Vehicle information

Tracked aerial platforms – also known as spider lifts are specifically designed to work where other kinds of MEWP are unable to complete the task, they can enter confined spaces, pass under a doorway, archway or to drive over rough terrain.

To allow boom lifts to access areas that traditional cherry pickers can’t, our tracked platforms feature dimensions compact enough to enter buildings through a standard single or double doorway minimum 80cm wide, the basket is also removable to allow ease of access.

The tracked access platforms are highly manoeuvrable, featuring compact dimensions and short overall length, the tracked chassis can be turned in a very tight space and can typically turn in an area not much wider than its own length.

The spider lift can extend up to 14m in height and 6m in reach, which is a very important aspect for all Arborist’s, maintenance work, painting applications and rental companies. These tracked access platforms have the ability to move around and be deployed on unstable or fragile grounds thanks to their track systems and their four lightweight outriggers.

Spider lifts are a lightweight multidirectional lifting device, mounted on compact tracks. They have optimal energy efficiency and a reduced ecological footprint.

Space-saving when folded up and offering a large working height once deployed, the tracked access platform is the most effective solution for working at height in places that are difficult to access and on tight or congested sites.

It can adapt to all construction sites as well as to any type of ground thanks to its telescopic arm and its compact design and low weight compared to other types of cherry picker. Equipped with non-marking rubber tracks and a dual-energy engine, it is a type of lifting platform that is perfectly suited to interior construction sites, allowing the basket to be quickly removed for you to pass through the narrowest doorways and work in the most difficult places to access. They are ideal for places with restricted or limited access such as Garages, warehouses, shopping centres and much more…

Stable and very handy, it is just as useful outdoors on inclined floors or uneven terrain for example. Tracked cherry picker’s are very practical in many professions, for example painters in buildings, stone masons, roofers, carpenters, CCTV installers and tree surgeons and many many more.


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